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The hot tub is always professionally cleaned and sanitised before new guests arrive.

Hot-tubs are the ultimate way to relax and unwind and we are sure you will enjoy this luxury. That being said we kindly ask that you respect the hot-tub, and adhere to the rules and policies listed below at all times.

If the tub becomes unusable during your stay due to negligence there will be a charge against your security deposit, this will cover the call out charge, emptying, cleaning, refilling and reheating.

You must always shower before use, to remove all fake tan, make-up and body lotions, otherwise, the water will look like a pond very quickly.

  1. The recommended maximum time you should stay in the hot-tub is 15 minutes. Skin & health can both suffer when staying in any longer than this amount of time.
  2. No drinking, smoking, fooling around while in the hot-tub.
  3. At the end of your hot-tub session please refill to the required level to ensure it continues to filter and reheat. Please also place the chlorine float back in the hot-tub at the end of each use.
  4. Allow access to the hot-tub daily for maintenance, cleaning & water testing.
  5. Hot-tubs are not a suitable environment for children, it’s highly recommended that they avoid the use of it. However, as the parent or guardian, the decision is yours.
  6.  If the hot-tub loses water due to overfilling there is a hose located at the back of the caravan which can be used to refill.

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